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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seven Minute Frosting (or...7 minutes to pure heaven!)

Seven Minute Frosting
Better Homes and Gardens "New" Cookbook, circa 1957

2 unbeaten egg whites
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons light corn syrup
or 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/3 cup cold water 
(can substitute half of the liquid for Maraschino cherry juice)
dash of salt (must use)
1 teaspoon of vanilla (Grandpa always used Watkins!)

Add all ingredients except vanilla to the top half of a double boiler, beat for one minute off the heat while the bottom pot of the double boiler heats up on the stove.

Beat for one minute before placing over the boiling bottom half of the double boiler.

This "ancient" pot has boiled many batches of Seven Minute Frosting and still works like a charm!

Start your timer...

Have your Kindle nearby so you can while the time away easily...

Here's what it looks like at 4 minutes 34 seconds...

Be sure to use the highest setting on your hand mixer.

Seven minutes has passed - time to take off the top half and set it aside to add vanilla.

Adding one teaspoon of vanilla extract (or two)...

"Beat until of spreading consistency." 
I believe this means, "Beat for about one minute, or at least as long as you can stand it 
without digging in for a taste!"

Hurry!  Pour the frosting over your chocolate cake (warm cake right out of the oven works fine for this frosting!)

Hurry before family members come running to stick their fingers in the frosting!

And of course, the cook always must taste test before serving her family!

Ahhhh....there was still enough frosting to mound upon the cake and create heavenly clouds of yummy marshmallowy frosting goodness....yummmmm (sorry, too busy eating right now :-)

I managed to save you a piece, too...
here's  yours!


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  1. That looks yummy! So fluffy!

  2. My mother made this when she was decorating wedding cakes. There is nothing better than tasting it while its still warm!!! I love this stuff!

  3. Oh you shouldn't have, but I'm glad you did! (taking a huge bite) Yummy :)

  4. Hi Ladies,
    I am always excited to find out what you have pulled out of that recipe box to share with us. 7 minute frosting is a great recipe, it is my very favorite frosting. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week!

  5. This frosting looks great! Is it stiff enough to hold up on cupcakes? Also, does it need to be refrigerated after decorating?

  6. Can you use it on a cupcake? Looks wonderful!!! Thank you.

  7. This is our go to recipe for most of our cakes! Works great with cupcakes and makes an amazing whoopie pie filling...so happy to find this after great grandmas was lost.

  8. My friend's mother used to make this frosting in the 70's. She called it "poor-man's frosting". It was delicious! I'm so glad to have the recipe.

  9. I've never made this frosting,, does it stay soft or does it get hard and tacky?
    I would like to pipe flowers on cupcakes if you think it would hold up a day or so

  10. It stays soft; this frosting is really an altered version of swiss meringue. It stays at a marshmallow-ey consistency unless baked in the oven at a high temperature for a couple of minutes (like you would a lemon meringue pie) to stabilize it. However, I even have trouble piping this stuff on cupcakes with a plain round piping tip and getting it to stay put long enough to be popped in the oven. Hope that helps :)