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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Special Fair Weather S'mores

My DH put up a pretty wishing well for me for Mother's Day,
but it had been windy and rainy, so he took it back inside the garage to reinforce it
and today secured it in its place on top of a willow tree trunk from a tree we had to cut down last year.

It was a warm, sunny Sunday and we enjoyed it outdoors!

My DH got the fire going so we could make our special "Fair Weather S'mores"

The neighbor kids joined in on the fun, too!

Yummy marshmallow perfection
(unless you prefer yours burnt)

We have the typical graham crackers, but we use Hershey's chocolate bars with almonds
and giant marshmallows to make them special!

All you'll need is one!

Grandma Pedie hopes you will all give them a try!
We hope you are enjoying fair weather, too!!


  1. Oh, how fun! It's so nice to see you all enjoying the outdoors! The grass is so green. I have wonderful memories of S'Mores around a campfire. We also had beautiful weather today! (Too warm for sweaters and a fire, though!)

  2. I like mine burnt to a crisp! We had cooler weather again. Sent you that recipe & pics too :)

  3. How fun to see the whole family getting in a day in the sun! I love S'mores. I could never get enough of them myself! I have not had them in years!
    Now you'll need to try out the recipe that I posted on Saturday. Maltesers Traybake has Malted Milk balls, chocolate and graham crackers. I am sure you could add marshmallows if you wanted! They were so good.